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Fees – Kindly WhatsApp on 09222222409 Name, City & Qualification We will revert back.

Option-1:  3 TO 5 DAYS
Option-2:  3 TO 15 DAYS
Option-3:  1 TO 3 MONTHS


Fees – Kindly WhatsApp on 09222222409 Name, City & Qualification We will revert back.

We invite individuals or groups of doctors from across the world who want to start hair transplant practice, to call our expert to visit your country/city and take the FUE Hair Transplant Workshop / Seminar. We also have our local associate surgeons across the globe who can offer you hands-on workshops in certain cities.

WhatsApp on 09222222409 or mail at to know the calendar of events-hair transplant seminar/workshops across the globe.


For International Student, not register in INDIA – 5 to 15 days FUE Workshop (you can do it together or in breaks) – Observational workshop is conducted. For those interested in Handson Medical Council of India permission may be required, which will apply for after you provide your local country, qualification & registration certificate.

Member & Student can get access to the good discounted price for hair transplant products & tools online through our website. Member will get a Special Discount for our Conference & Workshop across India in different city. plus they will get a Membership Certificate.

Boarding & Lodging @Mumbai - Our Travel Desk will help you with Visa / Stay / Travel

Boarding & Lodging Facilities as per your budget – Near by hotels :-
You can keep clients within India @ your city for hair transplant, our flying hair transplant team will come to your city for the same, you can assist them under supervision for hands-on training at your location which should be equipped with a basic life support system. 1st Phase – once you register for the training workshop it is advisable to start theoretical training on phone/WhatsApp/email & through Video Call for 15 days, for a minimum of 7 days at Mumbai, you can focus on the Handson hair transplant procedure under supervision. Training is with Pen Implanters.

Outline of the Hair Transplant Workshop – FUE Workshop

A series of the necessary information and practical hand-on workshop given at the Hair Transplant Training Center will explore key areas of hair transplant methods including a comprehensive syllabus of topics. Participants will be encouraged to follow our training program covering all necessary aspects of modern hair transplant methods involving the practice and utilization of surgical tools for every process of a procedure.
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