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ISHR is A DIVISION OF ANAGEN CLINICS PVT LTD, registered at Mumbai with centers across India.”The ISHR Hair Transplant Fellowship Training program is exclusively for qualified doctors as per the guidelines of the National Medical Commission (NMC). It offers comprehensive hands-on training under supervision and has trained over 1000 doctors worldwide in the past eight years. Additionally, we provide one year of technical and clinic setup support to graduates, ensuring they have the necessary resources to implement their skills effectively in their own practices.”

how to source high quality instruments, machines and even how to source highly skilled technicians. Come learn from the experts and be a part of the experts from all over the world. Our faculty is available for 1 full year online so that when u start the 1st few cases, they are there to support you with their expert supervision.

Last but not the least, learning and knowing the difference in the hair growth pattern of the Indians, other Asian countries, and Caucasians is also an important part of ISHR’s holistic comprehensive and integrated program of our premium hair transplant workshop. Also included is the local anaesthesia technique and hair graft storage solutions and futuristic hair growth solutions for this widespread problem of the world.

Become ISHR certified and become a part of our wonderful journey of providing high quality successful hair solutions to millions who are suffering from this global hairloss problem.

Team of International Faculty



Dr. Akash

MD Dermatologist

Dr. Ritabrata

MS, MCh, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Samir Kohli

MD, Dernatologist

Dr. Laxmi

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mahesh Bhat T


Dr. Tsioumas


Dr. Bijon Melbourne


Dr. Pandya


Dr. Mrinmoy Kumar Bora

Master of Surgery


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