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It is all well and good to learn a new technique, however, few Medical Doctors have the time, staff, know-how, or experience to establish and run a fully booked hair restoration clinic. At ISHR, our workshop is not merely surgical, our goal for every trainee is to run a full hair restoration clinic. At ISHR, we combine 15 years of specialized hair restoration experience together with 18 years of sales and marketing experience. This combined effort and highly successful track record provide our affiliates with the perfect. winning formula. This will give a medical practitioner an unprecedented amount of training in our signature techniques. FUE has been an established technique within the field of hair restoration for some years now and interest has spiked over the past two years across physicians within the field.

Kindly find in brief, how you can add on- the hair transplant services, in your existing setup.
We provide you end to end solution for the same, which includes –

1. Hands-on training on hair transplant to the doctor, and technicians.
2. Help you, source the best instruments for your hair restoration clinic.
3. Help you, develop systems and standard operating procedures.
4. Help you, how to establish and grow your practice.

On average Hair, the Transplant setup can earn Rs. 2lacs to 15lacs per month before tax depending on location & passion and Results of the center. Approx. Investment to start a Hair Transplant center in your existing center ranges from 2.5lacs to 10lacs depending upon whether you want to go for a regular FUE Center or Premium Fue Centre.

Your Job as a Doctor to supervise the hair transplant while continuing with your regular practice as your trained team of technicians and MBBS Doctor performs the fue. Hence, not much of your time is consumed. You can also go in for our Franchise or Alliance Option. for Further Details – How to Start Your Hair Transplant Center Call – Dr Divya – 9222222409
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