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Workshop Content

  1. Basics of Trichology – Anatomy & Physiology of Scalp & Hair.
  2. Diagnosis & Management of Scalp Diseases.
  3. Selecting the right cases for Hair Transplant.
  4. Pre-Hair Transplant diagnostic workup.
  5. Hairloss / Hair Transplant consultation.
  6. Pre Hair Transplant Prescription & Instruction.
  7. Dermatoscopy for understanding hair density & quality of hair.
  8. Aesthetic Shaving of Donor Scalp.
  9. Compartmentalization of Donor Scalp with markings.
  10. Painless Technique for Local anesthesia.
  11. Ergonomics of hair transplant.
  12. Sharp & Blunt, manul & motorized follicle extractions.
  13. Potential Scarless Extraction technique.
  14. Hair grafts Storage Solution. Media. ATP. chillers etc
  15. Hairline Design. Artistry. Illusion. Density.
  16. Importance of magnification & types.
  17. OT, Doctor & Patient Sterlity & Autoclave SPOS.
  18. Bloodless Extraction & Implantation, the role of tumescence
  19. All possible emergencies during hair transplant & management
  20. Post-procedure head wash & instructions.
  21. Medicolegal Aspects FUE including consent etc.
  22. Minimum 25 case logs with hands-on independent practice under supervision Advanced Training will Include – Female HT, Beard HT, Body to Scalp, Scar, Burn HT.
  23. Technical & in fracture design of an HT Clinic.
  24. Setting up a hair transplant center, Legal, Taxation, Labor laws, Regulator, Medical Council, Municipality, FDA, Consumer Court, IPC, etc.
  25. Generating business & marking profits in hair transplant practice.
  26. Schedule of International & national HT workshops.
  27. Become our franchise option in India & Abroad.
  28. Non-Surgical Hair Treatment – PRP, Dermroller, Mesotherapy, Laser, etc.

Artistry in Hair Restoration

Before Hair Transplant:

– Patient evaluation
– Procedure plan and medical approach
– Principles of modern hair transplant
– Procedure review and preoperative diagnosis

Densitometry and Video-Microscopy
•Hair biology from a surgical perspective
•Understanding pattern hair loss
•Non Patterned hair loss

Hairline Design

Patients consultation workshop, sales PowerPoint, and surgery planning.
1. Counsel and advise patients on the risks and benefits of hair restoration surgery. Address the patient’s specific general medical and psychological condition, including consideration of the patient’s age, sex, physical examination, and family history of hair loss.
2. Design integrated medical and surgical treatment plans, including hairlines and crowns, for patients between the ages of 16 and 65 who have Norwood-Hamilton patterns II through VII and Ludwig patterns I, II, and III.
Medical assistance before and during the procedure:
FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and BHT (Body Hair Transplant):
– Principles of modern hair transplant involving FUE and BHT
– Extraction process: donor and body hair (e.g. beard and chest)
– Hand-on-workshop with the FUE-punch including manual and motorized extraction of follicular units
Graft care & Storage / Preparation of grafts/training your team/developing standard operating procedures/medical records keeping.
– Restoration process: IMPLANTATION BY LATEST PEN IMPLANTERS. – Aesthetic design & Artistry in hair restoration: natural hairlines, placement of the grafts, graft angle, temple hair angling, densities.

1. Place follicular unit grafts into appropriately sized recipient sites with minimal physiologic and physical follicular trauma.
2. Calculate and administer an appropriate dose of medication for sedation and local anesthesia for hair replacement surgery, including the use of the tumescent solution.
3. Set up a hair transplant operating room that will provide a safe environment for patients and staff, including, but not limited to, sterile techniques, proper management of biohazardous materials, and trigonometrically sound work stations.


• Sterilization techniques
FUE grafts management in the donor and recipient area
FUE: Potential Pitfalls, Problems, and Remedies
Transaction rate: definitions and calculations
FEMALE HAIR LOSS: – FUE in women –
After Surgery:
– Customer Care
– Medical help
– Wound care
– Treatment after the procedure
– Medication
Age and the Donor Zone in FU Hair Transplants
Finasteride in the Treatment of Female Hair Loss
Update on the Cause and Medical Treatment of Patterned Hair Loss
Hair Transplant Terminology
Equipment list and clinic set up know-how.
Marketing, CRM programs, and management
Telephone assistance for one year as well as help with consultations.
Franchising Programs are also available and further information can be provided by the ISHR team on request.

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