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Dear Dr.,Hair Transplant is about expert skill development.. Of hand -eye coordination under magnification.For the same one needs a good number of hands on exposure. Hence we offer...

  • 5 days ( basic training level 1)
  • 15 days (level 2 ) ,30 days ( level 3
  • 3 months (level 4 ) and 6 months ( level 5 ) programme
across 30 cities in India and worldwide.

Speciality of our Fellowship Hair Transplant Training Program -

  1. Transplanter Technique
  2. Pen Implanter Technique
  3. Double forcep Implantation Technique
  4. Use of Magnification Loupes
  5. New Trumpet Punches
  6. Bio Tech FUE for reduction of post FUE Micro Scarring
  7. Super Instant FUE for higher Hair Graft Survival with reduced out of scalp time
  8. Designer Hair Line & Art of Hair Transplantation.One of the best place for real & good number of hands on.Since we are doing hair transplants daily, you get to learn with followup patients & consultations & complications.
  9. Scalp,body,beard,eyebrow,scar Hair Transplant
  10. Detailed training regards safety in Hair Transplantation
  11. New PRF Therapy for hair loss including other non surgical hair loss techniques
  12. We can provide you Trained Doctors & Trained Technicians acrossIndia & WorldWide
  13. We help you source quality equipments at best price.
  14. We help you beat competitionwith the right business model, branding, positioningmarketing & sales training including staff recruitment - in a nutshell - we help you add on a Successful Hair Transplant Practice.

Disclaimer: ISHR workshops are not recognized by MCI or any University. Certificate of attendance to register medical physicians in modern medicine. Receiving Certificates of attendance, does not qualifies to claim any specialization. As per the MCI Code of ethics 7.20(A), physician shall not claim to be Specialist if he is not specialist in that field. Only Allopathy Register Medical Physicians are given training for continuous medical education and skill enhancement in modern medicine, and not to the non-allopathy physicians. Pictures are for represent only. Non-refundable fees, any dispute to subject to mumbai jurisdiction. ISHR is a association of Physicians & surgeons.

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