This is where your patient will meet you & probably decide whether he has chosen you or not. dermatoscopy will be required, hairline marking will be required, you need to show before & after photo & video, look at the total hair graft suppliable, total hair graft requirement, look at his age & predict his future hair loss, details medical history require, show him procedure which has been done at your clinic now, let him talk to your patient.

For Patient - Make sure that this initial consultation involves you meeting the surgeon who will carry out the procedure and not another member of staff. This is where you can discuss your needs and your expectations with your surgeon. He/she will inform you if he/she thinks that they are able to meet these expectations or if they are unrealistic. If you are not suitable for a hair transplant then the reasons for this refusal will be explained to you. He or she will be able to recommend an alternative, for example, a wig. He/she will ask you about your lifestyle and general health and will also take a full medical history.

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Disclaimer: ISHR workshops are not recognized by MCI or any University. it is a Certificate of attendance of fue workshop @ ISHR affiliated Clinic signed by a qualified doctor. ISHR FUE workshop can be attended by register medical physicians in modern medicine. Receiving Certificates of attendance does not qualify to claim any specialization. As per the MCI Code of ethics 7.20(A), the physician shall not claim to be a specialist if he is not a specialist in that field. Only Allopathy Register Medical Physicians are given exposure to FUE hair transplant under supervision. All Pictures in the Website, are for representation purposes only. Non-refundable fees, any dispute subject to Mumbai jurisdiction. ISHR is an association of Physicians & surgeons. Patient consent is mandatory before any hands-on practice on any patient. you have to follow the local laws of practicing your country & state. it will not be responsible for any claim rasing out of your practice.

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